Form of Government

Council / City Manager Form of Government

The City of Sallisaw operates under a city charter and has a Council / City Manager form of government. Under this type of government, the Board of City Commissioners (the council) acts as the legislative body and is responsible for setting policy, approving annual budgets, and enacting city ordinances.

The Sallisaw Board of City Commissioners is made up of five members. Four members are elected from their respective wards in which they live. The fifth member, the Mayor, is elected at large by all the city wards. Each member serves a three-year term.

In addition to the normal duties of the Board of Commissioners, the five members of the council are also the Board of Trustees for:
  • Sallisaw Municipal Authority (SMA)
  • Sallisaw Library Authority (SLA)
  • Sallisaw Economic Authority (SEA)
  • Sallisaw Industrial Finance Authority (SIFA)

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities of the Board include:
  • Appointing members to other city boards and commissions
  • Recruiting and hiring a city manager
  • Reviewing monthly reports on the status of the city
  • Strategic and land use development planning
  • Approving service rates and fees
  • Approving various ordinances and resolutions

New Members

Newly elected officials in the State of Oklahoma are required to attend a one-day seminar on municipal government, which is presented by the Oklahoma Municipal League. Topics include:
  • Municipal finance and budgeting
  • Purchasing
  • Employment issues
  • Open meetings and records
  • Ethics
  • Nepotism
  • Conflicts of interest